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  1. You're using now 4.5 beta on official site so this site will be deleted very soon yeah?
  2. Here👇🏼 where this topic is moved 🙂
  3. There is a forum for testing 😒
  4. I'm on latest version on Android with Google Chrome: - It's ok when i look at first step - It's broken when i click to search/domain enter space - and also when i want to editing link too is broken - at last when i want to share the link on social media too is broken:
  5. 4.5 Beta 1

    1. Feneroin



    2. Feneroin





  6. @Matt @Charles @Stuart There is a solution to show correct characters?
  7. Long-term support (LTS) until 2023. so however soon IPS will updated to 5 too, no worry
  8. Is it normal? 👇🏼
  9. More than half resolved. So i keep my guess, before end of this month, they will release 1st beta. Because during the betas too, we will test itw report it and they will fix it..
  10. It's just a beta, i don't speak about final version. So it don't must be so far for 1st beta 😉 I trust, in this month they will release
  11. @Rikki I know, it's in grid but in normal view? Like a banner, colour our background image, you can't add it easily 🙄 ? Or make it easily with changing some codes please 😥
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