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  1. 7 hours ago, Kevin said:

    Where is the Status Feeds shown in the profile page?

    If they're enabled (as a per-user option in Account Settings), you will see them immediately on the profile page.  

    You can also feed them into block feeds, status update blocks, or third party blocks like Chatbox.  

    7 hours ago, Kevin said:

    This isn't a very useful feature if no one sees the Status Updates/Replies. 

    If a status update gets posted on the profile and no one is around to hear it, does it still get posted? 

    miranda sings smh GIF by Twitter

  2. 34 minutes ago, Kevin said:

    I'm spending an hour or two testing the alpha as a user. I haven't read all of the release articles. I figure it is important for Invision devs to get feedback on the entire UX for 4.4, since this is their opportunity to make the experience better for our users. Only happens once a year!

    I don't say this facetiously (really), but if you ONLY had an hour or two, then you should probably dedicate them to reading the release articles.  Once it goes into alpha, they're not likely to be adding any changes.  They're just looking for confirmation and usability of what they've already changed.  

  3. 1582336249_Beautifuldesserts_5163554513_l.thumb.jpg.0db6d2762dc31b93d79ed65d9074408b.jpg

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    After recent requests, we're sharing our #glutenfree Berry #Almond Cheesecake_35554549551_l.jpg

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    Black & Blue Cheesecake_14558959012_l.jpg

    Black Forest Brownie Stacks - Blog_12057365026_l.jpg

    Blueberry Pancakes_29903206507_l.jpg

    Cinnamon Pancake_41403460402_l.jpg

    City Fest Food_14494492853_l.jpg

    CLE Dinner Club Ushabu - Kasutera (Castella カステラ)_35088591670_l.jpg

    Close up of colorful candy_35001752104_l.jpg

    Close up of group of biscuits with chocolate hearts_40646876202_l.jpg

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    Delicate Pancakes_40260472084_l.jpg

    Desserts from Breka ($495 each)_11915125004_l.jpg

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    Two Slices_8317569840_l.jpg


    vegan chocolate cream pie!_4077962762_l.jpg

    Whipped cream Horns & strawberry_35525139692_l.jpg

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