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    Interesting, you can rich embed a club. I didn't think that's available yet.
  2. This might be just me, but the mobile create flyover's "Create new" looks like a text input box more than a menu header.
  3. Can you guys upload an application icon? https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/44-application-manifest-and-icon-management-r1104/ All I see is a boring "I" when adding to my Android homescreen
  4. If they're enabled (as a per-user option in Account Settings), you will see them immediately on the profile page. You can also feed them into block feeds, status update blocks, or third party blocks like Chatbox. If a status update gets posted on the profile and no one is around to hear it, does it still get posted?
  5. Where's the Tumblr porn? 

  6. Status updates are terrible replacements for social networks.  Someone bring me microblogging.  

  7. No Joel, you can't do that you dumb dumb.  Status updates are public.  

  8. But what if I want to write a private message to just my followers? 

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  10. JoelR

    embedding test

    Did I just take a screenshot of a screenshot LOL?
  11. JoelR

    embedding test

    It takes awhile to load Also, a hot mess:
  12. I don't say this facetiously (really), but if you ONLY had an hour or two, then you should probably dedicate them to reading the release articles. Once it goes into alpha, they're not likely to be adding any changes. They're just looking for confirmation and usability of what they've already changed.
  13. That was't part of any of their release articles, so not sure why you expected it.
  14. https://invisionalpha.com/ (Forum Index)-- Score 83 https://invisionalpha.com/forum/2-a-test-forum/ (Topic View) -- Score 84 https://invisionalpha.com/topic/4-test-for-gif/ (Topic with media) -- Score 37
  15. Interesting, I'm now getting a score of 93. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Finvisionalpha.com%2Ftopic%2F8-test-for-lazy-load%2F&tab=desktop
  16. https://invisionalpha.com/topic/8-test-for-lazy-load/ (Test with images) -- Score 42
  17. Here's my DxDiag.txt file
  18. Here's a PDF attachment of my Week 4 of Community Management Training CMX Training Week 4.pdf
  19. https://invisionalpha.com/gallery/ (Gallery Index) -- Score 79 https://invisionalpha.com/gallery/category/1-member-albums/ (Gallery Category View) -- Score 66 https://invisionalpha.com/gallery/image/15-under-the-hot-air-balloon_35464039014_ljpg/ (Image View) -- Score 33
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