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  1. nice cookie bro 🍪

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa test

  3. Not resolved yet 😞
  4. Fixed suggested image (removed "in Feedback and Questions", sorry ). I can't edit the topic.
  5. I think it's a good idea adding topic author's avatar on forums in condensed view, like fluid view in forums index. Forum topic list: Fluid view: Suggested: Thanks 🙂
  6. If you hit fast CTRL+ENTER to send a reply, and your connection is slow, you can flood multiple comments at the same time. This happens on previous versions as well. 2020-04-28_23-09-35.mp4 Topic:
  7. I like very much the "I" with a point lol I want to learn Turkish haha
  8. Like if you drink mate 🧉
  9. There is a separator line that shouldn't appear if you don't have access to moderation items.
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