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  1. Why not offer more Reactions. Add a red face one for "Angry", change the heart to mean "Love" add a thumbs up and thumbs down for "Like" and "Dislike". Definitely a "Wow" one. I know we can add our own at anytime, very easily, but it would be nice to see more offered from IPS, just maybe have the extra ones disabled by default, and let us enable the ones we want to use. I've asked before if the ones being used now were custom made or if someone could provide a link to the full set, so I could add more reactions from the same set to stay consistent, but no one from IPS every replied. I'
  2. Version 1.0.0


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  3. Makes sense. Agreed. 'TOP POSTERS IN THIS TOPIC' should be dynamic. If there is no TOP POSTERS, then that bit shouldn't show.
  4. Major improvement, yes. All that blank space just for the Follow button ... 😷 But Mortis's change really makes a lot of sense, and looks much better. I also agree that the comma is not needed after the name.
  5. I was wondering why I was seeing those blank boxes where a picture should be.
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