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  1. I don't think you read the opening post beyond the first few sentences. You suggested I change it on my installation when I already said I was going to at the end of the opening post. I believe it improves the design a lot so I posted here. The design is great but removing some of the excess white space with IPS4's original color scheme greatly improves the design and readability. Regardless, this is the feedback forum. Ignoring my feedback and telling me to just do it on my own installation defeats the purpose of having a feedback forum entirely.
  2. Yes I specified I will be customizing the theme at the end of the opening post. Empty white space is not a rage in modern design. I've seen a few complaints about all of the empty white space on here. Adding a header color helps improve the readability. Right now it all just blends together and is difficult to separate. Here's the design with the current forum headers IPS4 has had a lot of different color schemes and I would argue this is the best one
  3. Let me start by stating this is a very appealing theme. Very sleek and modern. The only outdated aspect is the color scheme. The color scheme is too bright with too much empty white space so I decided to go through and compare all of the previous IPS designs and found IPS already had a perfect color scheme in previous versions of IPS4 which I have applied to the theme in the attached file. I believe the default theme looks a lot more modern and up to date with this color scheme. I will be making the default theme an option for my community with this color scheme, however I would love to see th
  4. Is it possible to enable the status updates widget on the forums for us to see?
  5. This is the first topic posted about it here. You don't seem to be staff so where is your response coming from?
  6. Is there an estimated release date for 4.5?
  7. No the topic title and details should be clear to read in the topic you're in. It doesn't matter if you saw it on the previous page or not. The header block improves this aspect. You can always edit it out but it should be there from the beginning
  8. No. This looks much worse. The header block improves readability. It's needed. The theme is currently the best IPS has done in a while
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