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  1. En este post les recomendare que deben de leer para poder contestar el examen.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Aqui podran leer toda la historia
  3. mavraky

    You are what you eat

    I can't deny that bad eating habits are the consequences of a low mindset, might be something learnt as you grew. The harder it gets to change the easier it becomes to blame you or someone else. You need to "uneducate" yourself about it and "re-learn" but with different things, things that will make you better, first, mentally and from there the transformation will go as it is need it to go. To improve your life (habits) you need to learn new things and for that you need help (you can't do what you don't know). Be humble if you want wisdom, wisdom to go into pain and reborn as a new bei
  4. mavraky


    Version 1.0.0

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  5. mavraky

    Pensando en IPB...

    Ha pasado bastante tiempo (15 años, licencia perpetua) desde que compre IPB. Nunca tuve una comunidad de mas de 2 personas, sin embargo me gustaba (y me gusta ahora). He comprado Xenforo en el pasado, sin embargo no me lleno del todo, he probado foros gratuitos antes que IPB como phpbb, sin embargo, IPB ha hecho lo que sus competidores no han logrado aun, el poder integrar herramientas para poder crear una gran comunidad (aun quisiera postear status como en facebook en grupos). Ahora estoy aqui probando la version alpha 4.5 y la verdad es que van por buen camino. Quiero renovar mi licenci
  6. Testing testing and more testing
  7. <script src="https://cdn.fluidplayer.com/v3/current/fluidplayer.min.js"></script> <video id="video-id"> <source src="https://cdn.fluidplayer.com/videos/valerian-480p.mkv" type="video/mp4"/> </video> <script> fluidPlayer("video-id"); </script>
  8. https://dropbox.com/audio.mp3
  9. e started talking about Invision Community 4.5 way back in November of last year. Now, less than six months later, it's ready for you to test. While we put the finishing touches to a few features, we have set up a preview site so you can test out the new features, leave your feedback and make a note of any bugs you spot. Head over now to the Invision Community Alpha test site. Please be aware that this test site is running in 'development mode' so it is automatically updated with the latest fixes throughout the day. This means it has to work extra hard on each click as there are
  10. mavraky


    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

  11. fdwefwefefwef efwefwe
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