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  1. We do not have the archive section visible, and we have no plans to do so. Over the years we've virtually moved to having no "bug reports" areas visible at all, but for alpha and beta testing we find this helps organization a little bit with a lot of moving parts. Please just report any issues you find. We don't feel there's realistically any need to have past resolved reports left visible for historical reasons or anything like that. We may be able to delay moving items to the archived section a little longer during alpha/beta testing periods, however, if there's a genuine need.
  2. bfarber

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    Outdated cache, should be fixed now.
  3. I've identified the issue and submitted a patch already.
  4. I would encourage you to post any bugs as individual bug reports when you are able to here: https://invisioncommunity.com/4bugtrack/alpha-and-beta-reports/
  5. I wonder if a solution to the concern might be to do something along these lines: https://benohead.com/plupload-previewing-images-and-getting-data-uri/ https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/File/Using_files_from_web_applications#Example_Showing_thumbnails_of_user-selected_images That is, generate the preview on the client side using data from the image object that plupload already has, rather than upload the file, then download the full file again. I'm unsure right now if this will be much more performant or not (but it would definitely save the bandwidth from redownloading the image).
  6. Thanks, will address for 4.4 (although realistically, few people allow gallery submissions from guests in practice)
  7. Well...the reality is it actually is quite performance intensive (especially if using GD and not ImageMagick) to generate thumbnails which is why we only do this when you actually click submit. Can you tell why you're noticing a performance impact when uploading a lot of large images? Generally speaking, this shouldn't impact the page performance (downloading them all at once would slow down rendering of the page, but the page has already rendered and each image would be downloaded and rendered individually...is the concern the bandwidth transfer of the full sized image back to the user's browser?)
  8. That functionality has been implemented for 4.4 🙂 We do listen to feedback in those forums, I promise. I'm only trying to guide you in the best path to ensuring your requests are properly vetted. It's ultimately up to you whether you want to post there or not.
  9. This feature has been present since Invision Board 3.x all the way up through the Invision Community 4.x software series until present, and this is probably the first complaint about its behavior I can recall. 🙂 While your suggestion has some merit, I wouldn't go so far as to say the existing functionality should be removed because it's incomplete. Please feel free to post suggestions in the feedback forum on our main community site here: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/499-feedback-and-ideas/
  10. That functionality has never been present, so it's a "missing feature"
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