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  1. I'm still seeing the behavior in the feedback forum, but literally only in that forum (and can't reproduce on any other installations) so I've left this open for now.
  2. Ha. People are already chomping at the bit and wondering what's taking so long (which is typical at the end of a release cycle).
  3. Is it still happening, and if so is there anything specific you might have noticed that would be needed to trigger the issue? I just posted a new topic in the test posting forum (and also tested locally) and can't reproduce what you are describing The previous issue was related to a change in 4.5 where-by we only mark a topic as "read" if it is currently marked as "unread". This was a minor performance tweak, but would not explain any latency in unread topic markers showing up correctly.
  4. Yes because the "confused" reaction is neutral and does not issue any reputation points. Your reputation score is based upon the reactions you receive, but if a reaction is neutral that's "+0" (and if a reaction is negative, that can actually remove a reputation point from your score). In short the score is correct for the reactions received in the screenshot.
  5. We determined that this is feedback, not a bug. Please post your feedback in the appropriate suggestions area.
  6. Good to know - in that case I recommend disabling your ad block program.
  7. I can't reproduce. Note that social media share icons will only show up in areas that are guest viewable, so perhaps you were attempting to share from a protected area?
  8. bfarber


  9. You're welcome to submit any other nitpick bugs you come across. We can't promise they'll all be addressed, but we're happy to evaluate.
  10. The poll appears to work just fine for me. I was able to vote, and I can see 9 other members have voted. Please elaborate on what you believe isn't working.
  11. Yeah I can't reproduce - let us know if it comes up again
  12. Rikki I identified that it's related to a specific post which wasn't in the stream when I clicked in, that's why I didn't reproduce at first. The report is open again.
  13. It's loading in less than a second for me presently. Let me know if the issue persists.
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