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  1. @bfarber Me and @aXenDev™ are both using Google keyboard, and this is where the problem occurs. I've just tested with Samsung keyboard and everything works fine.
  2. Condensed view - topic has solved badge ✔️ Expanded view - solved badges disappear
  3. Hello there, 1. Orders I guess this is a placeholder for pagination. But in this case the space should be hidden. 2. Manage Purchases -> Purchase view No description but the empty block stretches the container. 3. Club overview page - when description isn't provided
  4. Hello there, usually a follow button goes to the bottom of the screen and action buttons stays on top on mobile devices. But not always. Forum category view margin-bottom seems unnecessary Calendar Follow button above the header, action buttons on the bottom Event view margin-bottom seems unnsecessary Gallery album view No container for the follow button Gallery dialog window: Follow button is shrunk Downloads file view margin-bottom seems unnecessary Blog view No container f
  5. No radius and no margin: https://invisionalpha.com/calendar/event/6-derpathon/
  6. Above 768px viewport width, the dropdown works fine: Under 768px however, it overlaps the button:
  7. 1. Open an image e.g. https://invisionalpha.com/gallery/image/237-vpycayqqw2c3lfvutqsz_final-1-heart-shaped-pizzajpg/?context=new 2. It states that noone is following the image 3. In fact there are 2 followers: Same on the fallback page:
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  10. Hello ladies and not so gentle men!

    © Me!

  11. There's an option to add a message to a blog entry: If you deselect the switch button, it's invisible to non-moderators. It's also invisible to the one who added it (me). No message:
  12. Abies

    Another test entry

    Hello world
  13. The design has been changed but it's still being displayed in a new window instead of a diaog window. Please note, the button exist on two pages: https://invisionalpha.com/clients/purchases/ And after you click Manage: Both opens in a new window.
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