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  1. No "archive section" is visible to me. Should be.
  2. I did a few hours of user testing last week, thinking I was helping out to make 4.4 a better product. I'm pretty sure I opened a few bug reports for things I noticed. I just returned from the Christmas holiday and my bug reports are not visible everywhere I looked for them. Really hard to get excited to help IPS out by alpha testing when I can't follow what was done about my reports (if anything). Anyway, I'll forget about helping out for now and just wait patiently for the GA...
  3. I don't use Status Updates, but I thought I'd try them out here to see if they are useful. I posted a few Status Updates and another user replied to them. But, I can only find the Status Updates in My Activity and this only shows my Status Updates/Replies and not those made by the other user. Where is the Status Feeds shown in the profile page? This isn't a very useful feature if no one sees the Status Updates/Replies.
  4. hello i am commenting on your profile

    1. Makoto


      hello i am commenting on this comment on your profile

  5. I'd like to do more testing of the current process for uploading a new profile photo. Could you increase the upload limit here to 5MB? This way, I can try cropping a large image and end up with a non-pixelated low-res avatar.
  6. I hadn't noticed this change. It is much appreciated. I'll test this a little more and see if it is perfect.
  7. Need to test editing blog entries, but can't find a link to do so. Here is the blog entry I want to edit:
  8. blog entry titles are limited, unlike blog names. Large Feature Photo attached.
  9. I post feedback everywhere I can. Has my feature request for better UX for profile photos been discussed seriously in the past by Invision devs? I only bring this up every 6 months or so for many many years now, but I feel Invision isn't listening or doing enough to improve this area of the suite. At the very least, I'd like to get feedback that Invision feels this area doesn't need any attention and I should stop wasting my time on a feature that is deemed to have very little merit. I even pointed this out for cover photos many times. I haven't checked here yet, but it used to be that cover photos are never cropped to a standard W x H ratio and the original can only be positioned vertically. Setting an image as a cover photo should be easy too. Especially on sites that don't use Gallery. Anyway, I appreciate your replies here.
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