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  2. Main Profile view easy on the left eye while scrutinizing with the right.
  3. Both here on the preview and live there has been conversation about appearance which for a lite board I hapen to like. Well with the exception of the Gray in the profile. This works for me.
  4. You will find that this tutorial works for IPS4.0 thru IPS4.4.10 thus far. Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 So you think you are ready to take the plunge and try a test install / upgrade from your current IP Board to the current IPS4.0 beta and later to the final release. Well we will see. {Comment} The following steps are with the assumption you have already created a test install of your current board and made all the preparations leaving your current live board intact. If Not then see the following article.
  5. How many of you attempted to contact Microsoft Tech Support to get this.
  6. I had a workbench exactly like this back in the day of Amateur radio and Citizen band radio. I guess there is some sort of a reason I listed them the way I did but who knows. But like many others that had the bug it started with CB radio and a push to improve it and make it better until I met a guy who showed me what Ham radio was all about. Like this software and clubs there was no end of what the mind could achieve.
  7. I love the workbench, it seems to be one for electronic geeks 😄 ( Sorry for offtopic here, but I saw the picture and had to look at the topic:D ) So regarding clubs... We improved them quite a lot in 4.5 and I hope everybody here will agree:) But like with any other software project and area, there's never an end and there's always something else to improve, right ?:)
  8. As for the Coder's Workbench, On my local I have been creating skin themes for a very long time. Now with the addition of clubs the software's abilities have become virtually endless. So for as long as this Alpha preview lasts let try and gather as much information as we can as far as what is and is not working as well as what can be enhanced...
  9. Brought forward from my original posted article. Progress on the test machine Fedora 15 and ISPConfig 3 Original Author: Falko Timme from HowtoForge.com Are you getting tired of paying High hosting prices and getting very little in return? The test machine setup using Fedora 15 and ISPConfig 3 has been coming along very well. The main purpose I have chose Fedora 15 for this project has mainly to do with its lack of fear staying on the cutting edge unlike other Linux distributions where Invison Power is concerned and the direction or future IPS is leaning to-wards.
  10. Traditional Images of recent 4.4.10 themes for IPS Community Suite.
  11. Transparent Images of recent 4.4.10 themes for IPS Community Suite
  12. This bit of css will fix the reputation button for those with rather large reputation levels. If you don't use the reputation button you can disregard this fix. .ipsRepBadge { font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold; display: inline-block; max-width: 100px; min-width: 20px; height: 18px; text-align: center; vertical-align: middle; /* margin: 0px auto; */ border-radius: 10px; padding: 0 10px; }


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