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Welcome to Invision Community 4.4 Alpha


As the first alpha build of Invision Community 4.4 there are a few things you should know:

  • There will probably be bugs. Please report them in our Alpha and Beta bug tracker.
  • We welcome your feedback on new things added/changed in 4.4 so we can refine them. Please post that feedback on this site.

Check out our blog posts for what's new in 4.4 but there are a few key areas to test:

  • We made huge changes to how guest pages and other sections are cached. This should reduce stress on your servers as it will allow for more things to be cached by the browser. Please test browsing as a guest, logging in, logging out, and so on to ensure you are properly toggling between guest and member.
  • There were also changes to URL structure. Please ensure that multi-page areas are properly paginating.


Please let us know if there are any areas you would like enabled or settings toggled to test.

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